Pro-Trump Protesters Storm US Capitol

Protesting supporters of President Donald Trump have breached the U.S. Capitol.
READ MORE: U.S. Capitol Police ordered a lockdown Wednesday across the Capitol Complex, citing an external security threat, as thousands of Trump supporters stormed the building to protest Congress’ certification of Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

The Senate entered into recess as it was proceeding to certify the electoral college votes for Biden, and Vice President Mike Pence reportedly was ushered out of the building by the Secret Service via underground tunnels.

Video footage circulating on social media and American media showed Trump supporters breaching police lines outside of Congress and wandering through the Capitol building. TV news reports said tear gas was deployed as some protesters tried to break down the doors of the House chamber.

The election certification is usually a routine and ceremonial function that is the final step after the Electoral College officially elected Biden on December 14, but the certification was contested by a few GOP members of Congress.

As large crowds gathered at the Capitol building and clashed with police, President Donald Trump tweeted for them to “support Capitol police and law enforcement” and “stay peaceful.”

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